Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Why should we live a happy and meaningful life?

What does it mean to live a meaningful and happy life?

Living a meaningful life means to have a purpose in life, to look forward into the future and achieve what you want in life. Everything starts from scratch and you have to build on to it, this is what makes your life meaningful and happy. 

There are two branches of values, they consist of real and fake. Fake values are values that has no benefit, it makes a person happy for a short period of time, there are three aspects to this, money, fame and power, which would be included as a fake value. These three aspects shows us happiness for a short period of time, an example would be having money, money is a material need which will only bring happiness for a short time, but what would happen if you run out of money? Doesn't this mean your happiness is over? This is why money is considered as a fake value because you do not gain anything out of it. Real value is something that can be achieved and would benefit you in a life time, it can also be said as long lasting. 

I believe in order to achieve happiness and live a meaningful life you need five factors, and these are:

One of the most important one is be with a group of people, you can not achieve something by yourself you need to work with a group, as a team to accomplish this, because everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, no one is perfect. In the end others such as friends, acquaintances are considered as the base or source of your happiness.

Being Gentle
Gentleness shows the person's personality and if they take things seriously, and it also shows if a person is interested in what they are achieving. Gentleness comes from sharp and full alerted mind these are not given by God but instead it is achieved by within the person.

Look forward
I believe looking forward in life and have a positive outlook is needed to live a happy life, knowing what you are doing and not dwelling in the past. To live a happy life you can not dwell in the past in which this will drag you away from achieving a happy and meaningful life

Warm Heartedness 
One of the main human natures, being kind and genuine to others, genuine human friends comes from the base of warm heartedness, if you treat them properly, give them 100% trust, taking care of them and respect them then they would become a reliable friend, a genuine friend, which is needed as mentioned in a community, working together as a team.

Violence is considered as signs of weakness and being desperate, this is how a normal human being would think. This is how we are designed and we must overcome this, this doesn't take 1 day or 100 days of practice but instead 1000 days, Violence is the start of war, destruction of your enemy, this does not bring happiness but instead the opposite, this is why we have to overcome violence and have peace between you and your enemy. 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Lourdes, France

1) In grotto of Massabielle, near Lourdes, France in 1858, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared 18 times to Bernadette Soubirous, a 14 year old school girl that lives close by. She introduced herself as The Immaculate Conception to Bernadette then gave her a message to spread. ‘’Pray and do Penance for the conversion of the world.’’ Then she took Bernadette to a spring with healing water. Bernadette did what she was told and told them about the spring of healing water. The church investigated Bernadette’s statement for four years before approving the love to Our Lady of Lourdes.

 Ever since then Lourdes has become one of the most important shrines, attracting more pilgrims each year due to the miraculous cures at this shrine. In 1882 a medical apartment visited the shrine with doctors who are believers and non-believers trying to find out how the shrine can heal people. Finally after years of research they still have nothing but they came to a final answer that this is no science but instead God’s work.

 Lourdes is an important site for pilgrims is because of the appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the magical spring that has healing water. These are the main contraction of Pilgrims from all over the world, more and more pilgrims visit Lourdes each year.

2) Marian apparition can be split into two words, Marian is the meaning of Virgin Mary and apparition means a ghost or ghost-like appearance of a person. When these two words are combined it is an event when someone believes that the Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared in front of more than 2 people also known as a crowd. Most of the time they are named after the town they were seen.

People from around the world would travel to this particular site due to what has happened in the past. For example: if the Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared in a specific site a few years ago, people from around the world would visit the site taking down notes, they would try to figure out why Mary would appear here in this particular atmosphere and what was the cause. Another example would be, If a miracle was performed in a certain area, believers would come from around the world to see it with their own eyes because these opportunities doesn’t always happen.

3)I have been studying Lourdes, France it is about a 14 year old girl name Bernadette Soubirous who saw the apparition of the Blessed Virgin of Mary. Bernadette was then told to spread the word and build a grotto. Years passed they have discovered that Lourdes is a place that can heal people.

If I had a chance to visit Lourdes, France I would try to learn more about the place and why the Blessed Virgin Mary would appear in that particular area, I want to find out more of Bernadette Soubirous, I want to know what happened in her child hood and in what reason was she picked to see Mary. I also want to witness the spring with healing water, touching it with my own hands and also learning the importance of it like what it symbolised. I also want to learn more of the historical timeline and also miracles that had occurred. That is what I would want to learn about Lourdes, France.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hey guys I am back from my big break and now Im making a new blog, selling Remotes etc.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Is this smart or what?

Have you guys ever heard or seen a hot chocolate in a can! Well I haven't and I am here to tell you more about it.

This is a great thing to take on a camping trip in the snow, holidays in winter or somewhere you might want a hot cup of chocolate. A self heating can that can heat up your hot chocolate any time, anywhere all you have to do is pull a ring that separates chemicals. When the chemical is combined it will have a reaction, the can will start to heat up. All you have to do now is to open the lid and Enjoy yourself a nice hot chocolate either in the city, at home but most likely in a cold place far away from home like a camping trip in the snow : )

This is a very unique design for people without access to a microwave oven, stove or camp fire, even though this might look cool and easy but its not and it can cost a few dollars. You can buy it at your retail stores.

Hope you Enjoy,  Ray~

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Miss Me?

Sorry Guys If I wasn't around for awhile I have been getting ready for school, Its always hard for the first few weeks, but just to let you know I will be posting as soon as I settle In.


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year everyone hope you guys have a nice year, This year is the year of the Dragon, a Dragon is a creature of myth and legend. It is a symbol of good wisdom and a sign of intense power, People say that the year of the dragon will bring good fortune and a master of authority.

Once again Happy Chinese New Year! Ray

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Memory Pegs

Memory Pegs is a good thing to use with the memory palace. Pegs are similar to a memory palace but instead you use numbers for example:

3-love heat/ lips
4- a sail boat
5- Captains Hook
6- Golf sticks
7- Cliff
8- snowman
9- ballon
10- Dinner plate

This skill isn't hard to develop all you have to do is think of something that relates to the number, like if you need to remember a list of groceries, just match them with the numbers like sail boat and a packet of mnm's, imagine a small sail boat coming from an island far away and they are delivering little mnm's from a big mnm shaped factory and the person shipping it is a oompa loompa who hates chocolate. See its not too hard relating things to numbers are the easy bit but trying to make a very strange image is the hard bit because if you can't think of something strange enough then it wont be as effective.

Hope you enjoy, Ray~