Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Why should we live a happy and meaningful life?

What does it mean to live a meaningful and happy life?

Living a meaningful life means to have a purpose in life, to look forward into the future and achieve what you want in life. Everything starts from scratch and you have to build on to it, this is what makes your life meaningful and happy. 

There are two branches of values, they consist of real and fake. Fake values are values that has no benefit, it makes a person happy for a short period of time, there are three aspects to this, money, fame and power, which would be included as a fake value. These three aspects shows us happiness for a short period of time, an example would be having money, money is a material need which will only bring happiness for a short time, but what would happen if you run out of money? Doesn't this mean your happiness is over? This is why money is considered as a fake value because you do not gain anything out of it. Real value is something that can be achieved and would benefit you in a life time, it can also be said as long lasting. 

I believe in order to achieve happiness and live a meaningful life you need five factors, and these are:

One of the most important one is be with a group of people, you can not achieve something by yourself you need to work with a group, as a team to accomplish this, because everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, no one is perfect. In the end others such as friends, acquaintances are considered as the base or source of your happiness.

Being Gentle
Gentleness shows the person's personality and if they take things seriously, and it also shows if a person is interested in what they are achieving. Gentleness comes from sharp and full alerted mind these are not given by God but instead it is achieved by within the person.

Look forward
I believe looking forward in life and have a positive outlook is needed to live a happy life, knowing what you are doing and not dwelling in the past. To live a happy life you can not dwell in the past in which this will drag you away from achieving a happy and meaningful life

Warm Heartedness 
One of the main human natures, being kind and genuine to others, genuine human friends comes from the base of warm heartedness, if you treat them properly, give them 100% trust, taking care of them and respect them then they would become a reliable friend, a genuine friend, which is needed as mentioned in a community, working together as a team.

Violence is considered as signs of weakness and being desperate, this is how a normal human being would think. This is how we are designed and we must overcome this, this doesn't take 1 day or 100 days of practice but instead 1000 days, Violence is the start of war, destruction of your enemy, this does not bring happiness but instead the opposite, this is why we have to overcome violence and have peace between you and your enemy. 

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