Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Memory Palace

Has anyone heard of a Memory Palace? Patrick Jane from Mentalist mentions it a lot, a memory palace is a place where you can remember anything you want. To activate your memory palace :

1 - Think of a place you remember every aspect of it either the house your living in now, a jogging route you always take or even the way home from school.

2 -  With your memory palace, all you need to do now is to remember it off by heart, every scratch you see, objects that you can see must be remembered or else it wont be effective.

3 - Once you've constructed your memory palace start to connect things from memory palace to things you need to remember for example my memory palace is my house, If my speech includes a rotted handle or a hold in the door, I will walk in my memory palace and look at the door every aspect will be related to my speech.

4 - You must be creative with your memory palace to make it more affective, for example The first thing on my grocery list is an egg, I would picture it as my front door with a black chicken laying easter eggs on my handle, every egg will burn a hole when it hits the ground. This is effective it gives me a picture of it.

5 - Once you got these steps down and know our memory palace well you can image yourself walking around your memory palace, you can now mentally remember anything, The more you practise the better you get.

Thank you guys for your time hope you Enjoy Ray~


  1. Hmm. Interesting. I'll do more research on this... Or maybe you should post more topics about it. :p

  2. Yes ill post more things about memory palace :) check daily for new posts! enjoy

  3. This sounds like it could actually work. I wanna try it out.